We believe in healing and feeling good through food.

Born and raised in an environment with no exposure to processed foods and pesticides, eating farm to table and the only source of sugar was mostly natural occurring in fruits and homemade jams, once moved to US and introduced to the variety of packaged foods, health changed drastically.

My Grandmother was not around to cure the illness with no name so I relied completely on western medicine where I became a testing subject. With no doctor finding why I was experiencing:

–       Uncontrolled weight gain while I was still eating healthy

–       Headaches

–       Severe Acne

–       Bloating

–       Abdominal pain

–       Fatigue

–       Anxiety

–       Irregular menses

–       And more

I was constantly hopping from specialist to specialist and adding more prescribed pharmaceuticals to my collection.

From pain killers to antibiotics, topical creams, I had tried enough to complicate health even more.

After 5 years and over $25,000 spent with the medical system, I was finally diagnosed in Europe.

Having a diagnosis does not solve the problem as the root cause of it was still unknown.

This is when I turned to holistic medicine and within 3 months the underlying cause of my problem was identified.

By using food as medicine and professional grade supplements, I was able to eliminate the root cause of the problem and regain energy, desired weight, clean skin, calm and focus, good sleep, regular menses and so much more – LIFE – the ability to pursue my hobbies, to eat what I want, to travel, to wear beautiful clothes and be present in the moment.

Today I can help you do the same.

As a Certified Holistic Nutrition practitioner with a MD in biochemistry, I developed a simple formula to help you break up with pain and discomfort, and find freedom in a healthy and good looking body.