We believe in healing and feeling good through food.

Let’s take a trip back to childhood. As children, in the corner of the world I was born and raised, we were all looking forward to our birthday celebration and beside the beautiful wrapped gifts, all we wanted was to hear is a big cheer of Happy Birthday followed by getting the biggest slice of homemade cake. I also recall that beside the Happy Birthdays wishes, there was something else I was wished by what I called the “old folks” at the time, and that was a wish for health and happiness.

I didn’t understand it then, a time when I was worry free, healthy and as happy as I could be since there was no definition or special standards of happiness.

As I grew up, things changed and I, like many others, was dreaming about having a nice car and money to buy lots of other material things. Obviously I did not know what it meant to be unhealthy, how pain can interfere with your daily activity, how depression and anxiety can distance you from friends and family and how that car and money I worked so hard for can’t do anything to cheer me up or help with my daily struggles, I did not know how it feels to be energy depleted, to not be able to concentrate and make simple decisions.

This chain of reactions lead to a big discovery, one pill doesn’t fix it all and Google gives me a number of solutions, but it doesn’t tell me which one is good for me.

I had a goal, and I was determined to reach it without taking into consideration diet and lifestyle. The price I paid was more than what I planned on. There is a saying, “no pain, no gain” so when things /parts get broken, we go to doctor to get it fixed. Using professional help, I addressed the symptoms, but not the root cause of the problem.

It took years of doctor visits and hundred of pills to hit a point where I decided to look for alternative approaches that are not only suppressing symptoms and keeping illness in checks, but something that could give me back the energy, the joy, rekindle the child in me, and get me back into the game of enjoying life.

My grandmother’s lessons on how to use medicinal herbs and food kicked in. It all made sense when I added the  knowledge acquired during my engineering education which laid the foundation of chemistry/biochemistry necessary to understand what happens in the body at the deepest cellular level. These two wealth of information pieces were  complemented by graduating a two year program of holistic nutrition in Berkeley, California. I now have the power of knowledge to provide not only customized nutrition programs supporting digestive, cardiovascular and diabetes conditions, but also provide mentorship and guidance for how to slowdown the aging process and improve the quality of life. We are all different, and same as our unique genetics, we have a need for a unique approach, one the works for you.