Winter is here, temperature has gone down, and going outside is not as inviting as it used to be couple months ago.

Getting dark earlier is gently pushing you to go home and skip the gym, but then at home you are looking for some comfort foods.

Holiday season comes with lots of food, parties and chocolate. Of course, you are going to enjoy it because you don’t want to be that person.  

I understand exactly the situation you are faced with, and the hidden worries that hide behind it when you find yourself in the privacy of your own home.

Fat deposits on the body are not attractive at all, but they can become even more problematic when are leading to lipedema.

Lipedema is a buildup of fatty tissue, usually in the lower body and sometimes in the arms.

This is not a condition to be neglected as it can cause pain, leading to considerable disability, daily functioning impairment, and psychological stress.  Lately I am hearing about lipedema being more common.

There are 4 stages of lipedema.

In stage 1, the skin on the legs looks normal, but you can feel something like pebbles under your skin. Easy bruising is common at this stage.

Stage 2 – Your skin surface is uneven and may have dimpling that looks like quilted stitching, a walnut shell or cottage cheese.

Stage 3 – it gets very obvious when legs take the shape of rectangular balloons and large folds of skin and fat stick out making it difficult to walk

Stage 4 – brings the disease in such advance stage that it adds another condition called lymphedema.

Today there are nor cures found for this condition, but there are treatments.

While medical management is ok, I vote for preventions and reducing the risk factors.

The funny part of it is that even the medical world is recommending as a treatment to focus on diet.

Now, why in the world would you wait until there is no way back to make little adjustments to your diet based on your needs and avoid most of the diseases.

Like any disease, there are risk factors and causes associated with this condition:

  • Being a female
  • BMI over 35
  • Hormonal imbalance – it can be triggered during puberty, pregnancy or menopause
  • Use of birth control

Some complications related to lipedema are:

  • Difficulty walking
  • Depression
  • Blockages in your lymphatic pathway
  • Vein disease
  • Flat feet
  • Joint issues

Some simple treatments are;

  • Exercise, especially swimming
  • Diet
  • Compression stocking
  • Medication (prescribed by your doctor)
  • Supplements based on the root cause of the disease.

As a last thought, if you notice any of the signs, schedule an appointment with your provider. Catching it in an early stage with help you find the best solutions.

In the meantime, joining one of the programs I teach will definitely help you maintain a healthy weight.

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