Honey passing through is the translation of Diabetes Mellitus, and everyone heard about this cruel disease that became so normalized in US, that many people call themselves healthy while being diagnosed and actively treated for Diabetes for years.

The fact is Diabetes is a chronic disease that comes with a high price tag – financial and social.


Blurred vision with risk of blindness

Increased hunger – a constant need to eat with the risk of piling pound after pound on your body

Numbness or tingling in the hands or feet

Increased thirst, are few of the signs indicating that your body might be at risk of diabetes.

What exactly happens in the body that leads to these symptoms?

It is a system failure where the pancreas is not producing enough insulin or the insulin produced cannot get the glucose into the cells. As a result, the sugar in the blood remains abnormally high and can lead to …

After the discovery of insulin in 1920, doctors thought that diabetes was a simple disease and as soon as the science & technology will advance, it will be successfully managed, but today after witnessing this disease and its complications for many years, their opinion is much different.

While Type 1 diabetes is due to a malfunction of the pancreas, and thought to be an autoimmune disease in which body’s immune system attacks its own insulin-producing cells.

Type 2 Diabetes has a completely different etiology, it is self-induced and it is an epidemic, remaining one of the leading causes of death and disability in US.

The control of blood sugar is one of the most fundamental requirements for a healthy life.

Blood sugar levels can become abnormal in two ways:

–      Too low (less than 80) called hypoglycemia

–      Too high (over 110) called hyperglycemia

Neither one is good and they will have very different reactions. For example, if the blood sugar drops under 40, you will become disoriented, confused and if the situation persists, slip into a coma and possible death. This situation is a medical emergency.

When blood sugar goes too high, what I hear from clients when I asked how they felt before getting diagnosed, is that they felt a little tired with blood sugar levels at 400 – about 4 times higher than normal. At this level, there is an extremely high risk of coronary artery disease or neurological disease, yet they feel nothing.


Through evolution, human body was struggling with low levels of blood sugar more often during starvation times which lead the body to produce a high number of hormones to notify the individual about this must address now problem.

Overeating and eating non-nourishing foods is fairly new so the human body has less alarm signals to notify the host about the dangers they are exposed to when the blood sugar levels go up and out of control. There are really two mechanisms for high blood sugar levels. First is exercise which drives the sugar from blood into the muscle cells, but do go for a jog as soon as you finished the slice of cake?

The second mechanism is the production of insulin. Insulin helps remove sugar from blood into the cells where is stored as fat. Day after day, month after month, year after year, the body will lose the ability to keep up with manufacturing insulin on high demand and that’s when the blood sugar levels remain high and eventually the doctor will put the diagnosis of diabetes.

Diabetes affects every organ in the body! Allowing excessive glucose to constantly pile up in the body does nothing else, but rotting from inside out. It starts with the eyes until you go blind, kidneys will need dialysis, the brain rotting translates in Alzheimer, the heart in heart failure, and so on. Are you on board? Is this the future you want?

I know what you think! That medication will prevent it! The reality is that medication will keep you alive, but does not prevent the progression of organ failure. How many diabetics do you know that have been diagnosed 15+ years ago, who do weekly hiking, go to gym 5 times a week and are feeling energized from the minute they wake up till the one they go to sleep, and they have no pain, aches or body discomfort?

A holistic approach when comes to managing diabetes is key to be that person who enjoys outdoor activities on the weekends, goes to gym five times a week and is full of energy and free of pain & aches.

More life, less pain provided by holistic lifestyle – Be A Solution!

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