I was blessed to find and visit the Redwoods in California. These majestic tall red trees looking like they are from another world standing strong on a blanket of green vegetation.

It is so quiet that you can hear the river touching every rock on it’s bed.

I was mesmerized by so much beauty, but the bright colors of this pictures stayed with me for days.

While in this pristine and unique land, I received a call from a friend.

She was happy that she passed the eye test for her driver license and now she can drive for another 2 years. It’s been a while since I felt so much joy in someone’s voice. She expressed gratitude for the supplements I recommended to strengthen her vision.

We are about 35 years apart and while I am blessed to see bright colors, I also understood the importance of protecting the eyes.

My friend was not happy for the driver license, she was happy that she is going to continue to be independent and not rely on anyone to take her to the grocery store, to visit a friend, to take a road trip or go to a doctor appointment.

The quality of life is 1st thing affected when eyes are losing strength and are not treated with care. Besides the usual tasks you do daily and take your eyes for granted – from reading a text message or watching a movie and all the way to the ability to protecting yourself in an unfamiliar environment and preserving your freedom of movement, the eyes are doing so much more for you.

There is an eye – brain connection and this can impact your wellness at much deeper level.

Clinician-scientists have recently discovered a myriad of findings relating to this eye-brain connection with implications that may change the way we diagnose and treat concussion-related vision disorders, strokes of the optic nerve or brain, visuo-motor dysfunction, and other diseases, translating their discoveries directly into clinical care to optimize patient outcomes and overall quality of life.

But why treat when you can prevent?

Treatment is an easy word, used in ways that encourages you to neglect your health.

Treatment is a seed put in your brain to give birth to the thought that brings hope and some type of relief, but in reality, that road it is painful and expensive. I

t is not as easily done as it looks in commercials.  

My friend is struggling with her vision, and now the care of her eyes is a non-negotiable task that must be done daily. It takes time and continuous financial effort.

Love your eyes, they show you the world, they keep you safe, they bring your income, they give you freedom, they deserve your attention.

Before vision therapy, it is food and lifestyle.

Feed your eyes based on your needs and they eyes will pay you back with freedom and beautiful memories.

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