I have met Gabriela 2 years ago and that’s when the change started. She taught me a lot about healthy eating which made a huge change in my house. She helped me with my kids health problems using natural solutions. I have done nutritional sessions with her about a year ago. She figured out some health problems that I wasn’t aware of and doctors didn’t find out. She is very good in explaining things. She is professional and detailed oriented. I would absolutely recommend Gabriela to anyone who needs and ready to make a good change in their life.
Tania G
Tracy CA ~July 2018
After completing Gabriela’s 3 part detox program, I felt compelled to write a review about my overall experience. The whole process was customized to my own health and personal goals which I felt is a big plus because we are different individuals. I never once felt like I was on a diet or hungry! We are given the shopping list and are free to make any meals on it. For people like me, I love to get creative and eat what I am in the mood instead of being told what to eat each meal. And for people who like more guidance, she even provides daily recipes. I also loved how she gives a little information and history on the food we are focusing in for the day or week. I have been struggling to lose weight for a while and I was shocked how well my body responded to the detox and even lost 5lbs in a week! There are many reasons I loved and would recommend this to many but my absolute favorite has to be that it changed my life in a positive direction. I learned more about nutrition, how my body works and how amazing my body felt when it was given the right foods and eliminated the built up toxins. I highly recommend this to everyone because it’s an amazing program with an amazing coach!
Carmen D
Las Vegas NV - April 2020


I ended up at ER with heart issues. I was given the appropriate treatment and followed it, but also looked into how to support it to make sure my heart condition is not getting worse. Gabriela has provided a protocol that really changed my perspective on nutrition. While I only ate organic and locally sourced, I learned that customized protocols make a huge difference. My sleep has drastically improved since I start working with Gabriela, my brain fog is gone, no more muscle cramps and I am more energized. Within a month of following a personalized nutrition protocol, the doctor has reduced the drug dosage to half. Thank you Gabriela. 

November 2018 – Aura S, Romania 

Gabriela has been a true angel sent to me. Back in late 2017 I was recovering from two bouts of illness caused by first taking Lipitor as a preventative medication and when that medication left me weak, tired, with weight gain in my trunk, inflammation especially in my hands, I was given Prednisone to help me. Things went from bad to worse. While the prednisone wiped out my swelling temporarily, I still had more weight gain, fluid retention, thinning of the skin, insomnia, restlessness, trouble with my eyes & nausea. I had heard about Gabriela’s studies and her holistic approach to nutrition and the wellbeing of the body. I engaged her in conversation and quickly realized that what she was saying made perfect sense and I should try to use her to guide me and consult me with my issues. What was so special is that Gabriela probably knew from the start that this path she would be taking me on would take time, much effort on my part, focus and a dramatic change in my life style. Her approach to my case was very firm, directed and she kept me focused on the most fixable problems leading to a complete diet and eating change that would ultimately put me on the path to full recovery. I lost some weight in a very healthy way, my overall wellbeing began to stabilize and I could tell that I was on a good road to recovery. I learned a lot about what to eat, that was new to me. I enjoyed learning a whole new way to cook. I certainly learned how I could live without sugar, and I do not miss it at all. I not only learned to shop and buy smartly but came to appreciate a very “fresh” diet void of anything processed. I am a truly blessed person to have this kind of help.  It not only offers me peace and security but I now feel that our bodies are temples that can cure themselves with the right treatment and support.  This approach to medicine leaves me grateful with peace of mind and confidence that good things can come from bad experiences.  I am a much happier person now having this confidence. Gabriela is so attentive to detail, so likeable and well respected by me.  I can also call her FRIEND extraordiniare!

December 1, 2018-  Marianne R, Livermore CA

Gabriela has a knack for finding a long term solution to your ailment with her thorough investigation and implementation. I definitely feel younger and healthier than my age. Health through nutrition works!!

December 20, 2019– Jim, Suisun City Ca

I have recently completed the personalised 7 day detox challenge. Gabriela was there for me every step of the way with everything from meals to advice and encouragement. Lost 5 kg so far and decided to keep on going. The plan is very carefully thought and I did not feel hungry or have cravings! Day 10 without sugar, junk etc. I would definitely recommend this program to anyone! Thank you BEE A SOLUTION!

January 22, 2020 – Adriana B, London UK