It was a Saturday when I slept in after a long week of commuting to my regular job, woke up, enjoyed a quick healthy breakfast with my honey before he left to work. I looked outside, the wind is engaging the tall Italian Cypress into dancing without worry. It is windy, but sunny and beautiful outside. 

Quick decision to make, should I jump on the house chores I have to do, or get my vitamin D by bathing in the sun for 30 minutes before the sunrays get too strong and damaging. Well, here is the deal, we run around like chickens without heads all week long and then “run” more during the weekend to get done all the things we didn’t get to do during the week. We forget about us, about nourishing ourselves, but we must charge our batteries otherwise we fall pray to disease.

So there it is, I have my answer so I m fixing a coffee, instead of sugar and cream and other fu-fu inventions of the cosmopolitan age, I m loading mine with good nutrients and get out on the deck. My very social cat joins. I can see the tiredness in his eyes, but he fights it for few minutes of interaction. While the sun was doing its job of activating D3 to be later converted into vitamin D, I was enjoying my coffee, in the company if my cat, listening to a podcast. 

Watching outside I notice a teenager African- American girl with beautiful natural hair walking along two kids, I assume brothers. What really caught my attention is how the two boys were holding hands walking along the girl who was showing them around or maybe just took them for a walk. I watch them until they got out of my sight. Such a beautiful image on a Saturday morning, an image of pure love. It was so obvious the connection between the two that got me wondering where and when we lose it? Love is such a beautiful feeling and so necessary for a healthy life, it doesn’t cost a dime, but still is the most precious thing in the world. The lack of it, is the number one cause of chronic disease. Still we are more prone to feel hate, anger, holding grudges than saying I am sorry, let’s work things out. It takes so much more energy to hate than to love and it’s so much more detrimental to our health. I still wonder why people do it? What’s in for them when they hate and decide to reject rather than love. What are they really afraid of? We don’t always get the responses we want to, but I guarantee that by taking the love steps, will help you sleep better at night because you at list tried. We can’t control others feelings and reactions, but we can control ourselves. Set the pride aside, life is too short for it. Replace hate, envy and holding grudges with love, acceptance and letting go. Better things will come to you, just relax and be on the lookout for it. As I was saying, just watching the little boys holding hands filled my heart of joy and hope that this world is a better place than what media portrays day by day. 

Sending love and positivity to you all who took a minute to read these lines. 

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