Recently I attended a small event. I love events! I see these gatherings as great opportunity to hang out with people we know, share new ideas, catching up, which is nothing more than a way to “vent” out regardless if is good or less good, but just the fact that there are few ears to listen and sometime give a good advise, is so lifting. Another reason I like to attend, it is meeting new people, feeling a new energy, laughing or get emotional, and it is all time well spent.

At this event, I had the pleasure to sit next to this very nice lady, in her 70’s whom was happy to share amazing stories from her existence. The smile on her face as she was recalling the details and the spark in her eyes was so touching. We all have good stories to share. When she expressed interest in what I do and I shared that I use nutrition therapy as a way of preventing, slowing down or even reversing illness she asked to tell more.

We chatted more and provided her with some general information on few questions she had. Couple weeks later I received a call from her to tell me that she tried the few ideas I shared with her and they worked very well. She was now interested to help her husband who recently got diagnosed with a neurodegenerative disease and was pretty discouraged by the future of it, but also wanted to discuss her situation on how to prevent osteoporosis as she was found with osteopenia (lower bone density).

As I was talking to her I realized how blessed we are today to have access to testing and information we can use to prevent it.

Bone density peaks around age of 35. If appropriate steps are not taken to prevent it, osteoporosis is next and this causes bone fractures, stooped posture, loss of height and it can be painful. Now if you are a young person and have a hard time thinking how it would be to have a bone fracture now and unable to move around or use an arm, try fast forwarding to 70’s. Do you think it will be easy to deal with it?

Pause for a moment and peak into your future. What do you see? The one who travels, goes out with friends, does fun activities? Or the one who hops from doctor to doctor to figure out what is going on inside the body?

Beside diet and lifestyle, which plays such an important role in wellness, females are most predisposed to osteoporosis, and not only, but genetics also play a role. Some people have a gene variation that would not allow properly use of certain nutrients or having the tendency to hoard nutrients and cause havoc this way.

Without knowing in which category you fall, how are you going to prevent illness? 

I strongly believe in power of information, but timing is also important. If I knew 15 years ago how well the Apple stock will do, I could’ve enjoyed an early retirement or do volunteer work around the world. It is the same when comes to health. Taking appropriate steps at the right time can save you money and put them to work for something you love and enjoy. The wonderful lady I mentioned above decided to invest in a genetic test where we learned so much more about what she can do to prevent other ailments such as diabetes. Quality, when comes to testing is also something to take into consideration, like with everything else. Health is wealth indeed. Stay healthy, it’s worth it.

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