Eyes – window to the world

I came across some old pictures as I decided to create space in my house and get rid of couple pieces of furniture. As I was smiling recalling the good times surrounding those memories, I started to notice the details of the skin, hair, eyes, and certain specifics that indicate the state of health. For example, I noticed little skin bumps that often are thought to be clogged pores, I noticed dry skin that often is thought to be due to lack of lotion application, I noticed little yellow bump on the eyelid, and few other things that I found a reason for at the time so I do not have to deal with.

The reality is…. all of these were messages from the inside world signaling imbalances, deficiencies, and other health issues that I got to find out about it 6-8 years later.

Lots of it could’ve been avoided by dedicating less than an hour a day. Well, they say that pay now or pay later, and I did, but price was higher.

What many individuals don’t know, is what is the evolution of disease.

It takes years before disease is fully installed in the body and in-sight for a medical professional to put a label on.

I learned that there are 6 stages of disease progression:

  1. Accumulation
  2. Aggravation
  3. Dissemination
  4. Localization
  5. Manifestation
  6. Disruption

In my practice I noticed that our culture doesn’t pay attention to the body cues until the disease has progressed to stage 4 or 5. This is when energy, productivity and wellbeing is impacted and continues to aggravate.

Yes, I was there- I put more lotion on the skin and booked additional facials, drank more coffee, and all the quick fixes that didn’t work and eventually forced me to use my health insurance and take meds after meds to suppress the symptoms while dealing with the side effects.

This stopped one day when I shifted gears settling for the safety of natural medicine.

Studying was key as one size doesn’t fit all when comes to human body.

Going back to school and working a full-time job solicited my eyes more than normal.

Eyes are 2nd more complex organ in body after brain. 80% of what we learn is through our eyes.

While all the problems I mentioned above went away, I noticed struggles with the eye. At first, I had the same tendency to find a quick reason- too much computer time today or slept less last night, but I didn’t because I know better. I went down that road and I am not repeating the same mistake. Feeding your eyes, requires care and patience.

Stress and hormonal changes can cause a stye for example. But how about the weaken vision? Is that related with the overall health? Yes, it can be related.

Another interesting aspect is that some foods we think are beneficial to the eye, might actually hurt you if you are in certain population categories. For example, I read a paper that found beta-carotene being detrimental to smokers.

So, what can we do?

Eat your veggies, protect your eyes, take breaks from screen time, keep germs at bay, maintain a healthy body, but most important, don’t wait until is too late. Prevention is key.

Investigate and feed the eyes, take good care of your eyesight – it is a treasure – a window to the world.